East Staffordshire Green Party

East Staffordshire Green Party has selected Kate Copeland as the parliamentary candidate for the Burton constituency in the upcoming December General Election.

“I live in Uttoxeter, and am passionate about addressing the challenges facing this constituency, East Staffordshire is our home and I will continually strive to make it the best it can be.”


Where do we stand on Brexit

“Like so many local people, I feel that the process to achieve a fair and just Brexit has failed us.

It has divided the country at a time when it is crucial for us to be working together. Both Leavers and Remainers alike deserve a final say on the deal they are getting through a People’s Vote."

Remain from the start

Britain's future destiny is cooperation with our European friends and allies as part of Europe.

Climate crisis is borderless

Britain's just transition to tackle the climate crisis requires that we work with Europe. We will connect our energy grid with the power of the renewables throughout the continent.

Standing with you for a people's vote

The Brexit deal is a disaster for the environment and workers' rights. We'll fight to the last minute for the people to have the final say.

Support your local party

We need your help.

We are not funded by big business donations, we are a grass roots party and as such need all the financial help we can muster to fund the campaign highlighting the issues that matter. Please support the Crowdfunder, every penny helps towards making our voices heard on the run up to this election.


Support Local

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Vote green!

“While the nation looks to Westminster for guidance, I am worried at the amount of money and energy focused on squabbling. Current politicians need to stop looking at what everyone else can’t do and start focusing on what we can do! The Greens have a clear plan to deliver radical much-needed change to benefit society, so let’s roll up our sleeves and get on with it.”

A cleaner, greener Burton and Uttoxeter

Unleash the power of local

Climate Emergency

Climate scientists say we have 10 years to reduce green house has emissions before we reach a point of no return.

Kate is passionate about reducing the impact of modern day living on the environment. She runs two environmental non-profits, The Globe Foundation and Sustainable Society. She also sits on the Uttoxeter Biodiversity Committee and champions Sustainable Burton & Sustainable Uttoxeter. 

Health & Wellbeing

Our local health services are being significantly reduced or in some cases, closed. These services need improved resources and support.

Kate works closely with community health and wellbeing services and charities and advocates in East Staffordshire. She has helped to deliver NVQs in dementia care and advocates Dementia Friendly Uttoxeter. As an asthmatic, she is also pushing for clean air policies and reduced pollution. 

Education & Employment

With vast inequalities in GSCE attainment across the region and approx. 30% of constituents stating they are financially strained, education, skills and improved employment opportunities are crucial.

The national economy is shifting from linear to a circular economy, providing new opportunities as resources are better managed. Kate believes it will bring vital employment opportunities to the region but training needs to be available locally for people to take advantage of these new opportunities. Kate currently helps to ensure sustainable skills training is available in the region and hopes to increase accessibility in future, making sure all have the chance to benefit from this shift. 

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Published and promoted by Kate Copeland on behalf of the Green Party, at Heathlands Drive, Uttoxeter, ST14 7BL.

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