The Green Manifesto

In 2019, we face a collective challenge greater than we have faced for decades. The climate we all rely on is breaking down. The impacts are starting to affect us all – the weather is becoming more extreme, wildlife is declining, sea levels are rising. Our century is only 19 years old, but already we have had 18 of the hottest years on record. This summer saw the hottest day ever recorded in the UK, and the hottest month ever recorded across the world. None of this is happening by accident.

It’s the consequence of an out-of-control economic system that plunders the Earth’s natural resources to create wealth for the few, casting the climate into chaos and causing corrosive levels of inequality. It’s time for a new start, so we have developed the Green New Deal. This is a comprehensive ten-year plan ambitious enough to tackle climate and ecological breakdown at the scale and speed set out by science. It will deliver a fast and fair transformation of our economy and society, renewing almost every aspect of life in the UK: from the way we produce and consume energy, to the way in which we grow the food we eat, and how we work, travel, and heat our homes.

The Green New Deal will invest in our shared future, funding improvements in:

Energy: including the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energy.

Housing: including the provision of better insulation for all homes that need it, the delivery of major heating upgrades for 1 million homes a year and the creation of 100,000 new energy efficient council homes a year.

Transport: including the delivery of a public and sustainable transport revolution, which will allow people to travel cheaply and safely on new trains, buses, cycleways and footpaths.

Industry: including support for businesses to decarbonise and the provision of training to give people skills to access millions of new green jobs.

Food, Farming & Forestry: including the planting of 700 million trees and support for healthy and sustainable food and farming systems.

Incomes: including the creation of a Universal Basic Income, paid to all UK residents to tackle poverty and give financial security to everyone.

New green homes, new green transport and new green jobs will get us on track to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions to net zero by 2030 and provide new opportunities for everyone to live happier and more secure lives. This will be a combined investment of over £100 billion a year in the Green New Deal, with an additional investment in Universal Basic Income.

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