Thank you for your dedicated support!

Following the election results, I would like to take a moment to thank those who have supported the campaign, particularly my campaign manager PK, my mother Dawn and partner Scott, our dedicated Green Party members and of course all those that voted.

Win or lose the outcome of the vote doesn’t change my priorities, it just alters the method of how we get things done. Because change absolutely needs to happen – it cannot and will not be business as usual.

My key priorities have remained the same throughout:

🌍 Proactively tackle local environmental risks & issues i.e. flooding, air pollution, the first step to this is decarbonising East Staffordshire.

🚑 Improving our health services, specifically community care for long term illnesses which will in turn, help to take the pressure off of frontline services

🌀 Embedding a circular economy to create new revenue, employment and entrepreneurial opportunities, reviewing energy, housing, transport, food, industry policies.

All of these points are underpinned by tackling Climate Change. This is not just a hopeful wish list – this is a definitive demand for immediate action.

I would like to congratulate Kate in her success and I hope that she will be leading the charge in addressing the climate emergency. The urgency of this issue cannot be ignored and any Brexit decisions need to take this into account, not only for us today but for future generations from whom we are currently stealing time, health and happiness from.

So I will leave you with one thought, as it was recently pointed out to me – every good disaster movie starts with a politician ignoring the scientists.

So let’s not be the stereotype, let’s be the difference.

Thank You

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